Self Care for the bride to be.

Self Care for the Bride to Be

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How to keep your sanity while planning your wedding.

As an event vendor, the comment I hear most often is surprise over how many decisions couples have to make when planning their weddings. Even the most carefree couples are required to decide on a date, vendors, aesthetics, timeline, and many more. These decisions, both big and small, can easily lead to decision fatigue and stress. As a 2020 bride, I learned the importance of minimizing wedding planning stress to make your engagement fun!

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to refocus on your self care! Here are some things I’ve learned from friends, coaches, and personal experience that helps manage stress during a busy time of life! Cheers to enjoying your engagement!

— Xoxo, Sierra

Journal to Quiet your Mind

My coach once told me, “the feeling of overwhelm is a choice, take a deep breath and remind yourself you are simply in high demand.”

When feeling frenzied, the best thing to quiet your busy mind is to get them out of your head and onto paper. By writing down your thoughts, you can organize and delegate tasks more easily.

Journal Prompts:

  • What are my initial thoughts on what will be the highlights of my wedding?
  • What overall feeling do I want my guests to have?
  • Who in my life would be thrilled to support me in planning the best wedding ever?

Create Structure to Ease the Overwhelm

There are many services out there to help create an organized wedding planning process. Depending on your desired learning style, you could utilize an app, event planner, or workbook to organize your wedding planning decisions.

Call us nerds, but during our engagement, my now husband and I created a separate wedding email address for all wedding related communications. We had shared documents and sheets for to-do lists and budget tracking. We even created a separate Pinterest account! That way, we had separation between wedding planning and our personal lives! It worked for us, might be worth a try.

Treat Yourself

HIGHLY underrated if you ask me! Going on “wedding talk free” date or trying a new coffee shop with friends is always a good idea!

As an excited bride to be, it is sometimes necessary to be reminded that you are more than just a bride! Spending some time doing a hobby you enjoy, trying something new, or checking out one of Boston’s many experiential bars can help get you out of your head. Not that we should ever need an excuse for cake.

Spend quiet time outside

There is a lot of science behind the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. As a florist, being in nature is my first choice.

Even during the chilly Boston winter, outdoor activities are well worth the push to leave the cozy warmth of the indoors.

Buy yourself Flowers

Obviously, we’re biased toward this solution, but don’t flowers makes everything better!

Treating yourself to fresh flowers combines the last two ideas by treating yourself and bringing the outdoors to you!

Why not try your hand at floral design! Pick up some grocery store flowers and use our other blog posts to make them look professional!

Happy Designing!

Thank you for reading! We hope your wedding planning and engagement season is a breeze!

Self Care for the bride to be.
How to keep your sanity while planning your wedding.

Self Care for the Bride to Be

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