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It all started with a pile of wedding magazines and a love affair with botanical sculpture. 

We're a Wedding and Events Florist based in Boston, MA. Passion burns out of everything we do here. Each bloom is carefully selected, every client appreciated, each event prioritized.

As lovers of the earth and of the botanics it brings, we believe we have a responsibility to take care of it.

We’re crazy about florals and we love our clients. Not only are we dedicated to bringing your floral dreams to life, we make responsible choices to keep our world as beautiful as ever.

People ask us what Prose means in relation to florals. Sierra, our founder, originally went to school for education. As a lover of literature, she likes to find life’s metaphors and similes. As flowers are the poetry that brings beauty to the world, we are the prose that arranges it in a way that makes it relatable.

The florals bring the beauty, we bring the structure. We love to think of ourselves as working with the florals, together creating emotion, inspiration, and joy!  

From my first wild clover, babydoll ceremony, to the blissful moment when I walked down the aisle with the love of my life, wedding flowers have been part of my story for decades. 

On the eve of my own wedding in August 2020, my phenomenal bridesmaids and I came together to assemble the floral arrangements. It was a cherished moment, an intimate memory that adds an extra layer of warmth and sentiment to our wedding weekend.

This journey of floral design has been a delightful one, creating stunning arrangements for friends, family, and clients, each with their own unique and diverse visions. It's more than just a job; it's a heartfelt privilege to contribute to people's big days. I find immense gratitude in the beauty I get to create, and I feel truly blessed to call this my livelihood.

Sierra's Wedding Flower History

Much love, Sierra

I've always had a deep passion for event coordinating. Whether I'm creating magical themes for my kids' birthdays or was meticulously planning work events, I've always aimed to craft a special experience for everyone involved. I have watched my little sister for years make brides beautiful on their special day and manage her own Bridal Business. I always wished to be part of the wedding business but didn't know quite how I could help since my talent for makeup doesn't go beyond chapstick and mascara. 

In 2022, my perspective on the wedding industry changed entirely when I met Sierra, the flower fairy herself. I discovered that my superpower in events lies in my administrative and coordinating skills behind the scenes. Who would have thought I could put those skills to use for a wedding florist? Now, I'm thrilled to be a part of the ultimate event: weddings!

Kattie's Path to wedding Florals

Xoxo, Kattie

We work with a rotating team of talented Floral Assistants who support us in the production of each event - from flower pick up to floral installs.

partnerships & collaborations

We work with a limited number of collaborations with local vendors. Looking to partner with a dynamic floral team, please use the link below to introduce yourself!

The Primer

We believe in good design, responsible practices, and investing in our clients.

We are committed to delivering sophisticated designs using the finest florals. As passionate florists who take pride in our craft, we work with our clients to bring their vision to life and provide a premium experience.

What we're


Our current obsession is playing with color contrast. By muting the color saturation, the movement and silhouette of each piece becomes the focal point, adding soft intrigue that we love!

What we're


Some things do not always go as planned. Instead of forcing or manipulating the flowers to show up in a certain way, we are learning to allow them to flow as they wish, to appreciate them for what they are.

What we're

not about

Move aside Eucalyptus, your time has come and gone. Say what you will about eucalyptus, but our hearts are just not with it! We love using greenery that amplify the florals they cradle. 

what we 


Flowers are living, one-of-a-kind items that require flexibility. But we fully believe - they are well worth it! We think of ourselves as working together with the flowers, together creating living art.


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