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Our Approach

Our approach to floral design instructs the creation of our palettes, floral recipes, and bespoke event plans. So what is that approach?

Our perspective on good floral design has changed over the years from simply providing pretty flowers, to creating living art talking pieces that provide their own personality to your day!

How does that impact our design process? We do not simply match our recommended floral choices to your bridesmaid's dresses. We take your whole event into our design philosophy, and build a design brief that captures and ADDS to your current aesthetic. During your consultation, we ask to hear how you want your event to FEEL, and select botanics that support that vision.

Our steps to building cohesive and balanced floral palettes:


Create a Floral vision

Our first step is to create a strong floral visual through descriptive words and photos.


Decide on a Color scheme 

We then use color contrast, density, and variation to compliment the floral vision. 


Utilize floral ingredient attributes to establish vision

Using botanical structure, composition, movement, and availability we build designs that make our visions a reality.

Our Floral Components



Color Density

Palette Contrast


When designing our floral pieces, we use these elements to instruct the direction of the palette and each piece. Ensuring structural integrity and curating balanced style.

Botanical Ingredients

Botanical Ingredients

Our Favorite Floral Design



The structure, depth, volume, spacing, and balance of a piece.

Botanical Ingredients 

The florals, textures, greenery, and other botanicals included.

Palette Contrast

The level of color saturation in contrast to the other ingredients.

Virtual Communication

Consults and Proposals

Welcome to the 21st century of floral designing! We host all our client meetings virtually. All proposals, contracts, and inspiration boards are virtually uploaded to your client portal! We've found this greatly helps with efficiency, organization, and minimized miscommunications! 

Your Total Planning Time

2-4 hrs

Waiting for Snail Mail

0 min

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