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For brides and friends doing their own wedding florals who want to create boutique-quality florals with ease -no experience required!

We remove the guesswork from DIY and supply you with industry secrets to design gorgeous flowers while creating memories with those you love.

This might be for you if:

You're looking to save money

so you plan on doing your own event florals, and desire guidance and support in knowing where to start

Your aunt has offered to do your wedding florals

and you want to get her set up with the modern designs you desire

You want to personally create your own bouquet

and you are looking for guidance in how to design like a pro!

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It would be our honor to help you get the following



Save time figuring it out yourself, and get straight to the fun parts - envisioning your bouquet


Provide stunning, boutique style florals that will wow your guests - for a fraction of the cost


Create fun memories with your bridesmaids of designing flowers together while celebrating you


Save up to 80% of the costs of hiring a professional while skipping the overwhelm of inexperience


Add a new title to your resume:
Professional Wedding Floral Designer!

"Working with Prose Florals was incredible. I would of never been able to DIY my wedding florals without their support!"

— Andi  -  Chicago, IL

The Pre-Designed Palettes


Welcome to the Bold and Vibrant Palette! Fun and rapturous, these passionate tones play confidently together to create this bold palette. The intention behind this palette is to create playful, generous bouquets that turn heads! Using full saturation as a color direction, partnering with large blooms and glossy greenery, it creates a bold, lush palette. With these confident notes, the effortless movement and rounded silhouette of each floral selection compliments the palette creating a relaxed comfortability to your designs.

Bold and Vibrant

FLoral Palette Ingredients & Recipes

You will receive in this program!

Great Gatsby meets New England Estate. 

Welcome to the Black Tie Palette! Creamy and luxurious, these deeply contrasting tones offer a stunning twist on classic whites. The intention behind this palette is to create striking, high end bouquets that are reminiscent of the golden age. Using a contrasting color palette as an anchor, the lush florals and delicate textures pair together to create a luxurious palette. With these formal botanical selections, the movement and silhouette of each piece only adds to the flavor of each design. This flavor adds deep intrique and confidence to your event florals. 

Black Tie

FLoral Palette Ingredients & Recipes


Welcome to the Warm Autumn Palette! Textured and relaxed, these warm earthy tones pair gently to create this detailed and cozy palette. The intention behind this palette is to create comfortable, textural bouquets that create a heartwarming atmosphere to compliment a cooler weathered event. By using a variety of muted earth tones as a starting point, implementing detailed botanical ingredients and small blooms creates a grounded, whimsical palette. With these flavorful notes, the easy movement and silhouette of each piece becomes less of the focal point, creating a balanced, unstructured wildflower feel to your designs.

Warm Autumn

FLoral Palette Ingredients & Recipes


Welcome to the Coastal Garden Palette! Subtle and soft, these dusty blue tones pair gently to create this bright and breezy palette. The intention behind this palette is to create soothing, touchable bouquets that transport you to a coastal estate garden. Using white and ivory as a palette base, by partnering with gently contrasting dusty blues and sage greens, it creates a low contrast palette. With these simple notes, the movement and silhouette of each piece becomes the focal point, adding soft intrigue and relaxed comfortability to your designs.

Coastal Gardens

FLoral Palette Ingredients & Recipes

Get them all for only $99!

This is what         do:


Create the stem counts for each of your  pieces

Guide you via the workbook into making educated choices for a stress-free week

Show you step by step how to assemble each piece from our Instruction Library! 

This is what         do! 


Source your florals via your local florist

Assemble your floral pieces from home

Bring the flowers to the venue and Get married!!

You're a better Floral Designer than you think.

You just need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works. 

The flowers do the heavy lifting, you are just placing them . You cannot mess up! It also helps to think about floral designing like baking a cake. You have the guide in front of you, and you have the creative freedom to decorate it as you want. You have a gorgeous palette of pre-selected florals in front of you, your job is simply to make works of art that will accompany you down the aisle.

 They have truly thought out everything and their creativity and passion makes working with them a real joy! 

"Working with Prose Florals was incredible.

- Andi, Chicago


no. 01

Nine Bonus Recipes

You will receive nine extra floral recipes in all four of your pre-designed floral palettes!

no. 02

Nine Bonus Instructional Videos

You will have access to nine extra step-by-step videos to give you even more decor options!

no. 03

Template Appendix

You will receive an appendix of customizable templates to make your planning even easier!

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

How much can I expect to spend on sourcing flowers and tools?

For the classic wedding florals: Bouquets, boutonnières, and simple centerpieces. You can expect to spend less than 800 dollars! Of course, this answer depends on how many pieces you plan to make! Most of our clients get all personals (bouquets and boutonnieres) and centerpieces for $500-$800. Flowers run from $.50 to $5 a stem, depending on the floral type. For your tools and supplies, we have a list of easy links that costs less than $100 for everything you need! All together, with our instructions, you can expect beautiful wedding florals for thousands of dollars less than hiring a professional.

When should I plan on assembling my pieces the week of my wedding?

We advise two-three days before your wedding date. This will ensure beautiful, fresh flowers for your wedding, while also giving you time to enjoy the day before your wedding. Please store your flowers in a shaded, cool place and put your boutonnieres right in your fridge!

How far in advance should I plan to purchase this program?

You can purchase as far out as you'd like! We recommend at least 4 weeks prior to your wedding date if you are planning on pre-ordering your florals. Once you purchase, you receive the full program immediately! You can begin the workbook and viewing the instruction library right away. This will guide you into preparing for your wedding week. The workbook includes timeline and checklists creators to help you plan for a stress-free wedding week!

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