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We are proud to introduce

Andi and Kevin

Our first DIY wedding florals couple from Chicago!

When you think of a perfect DIY bride, it is Andi. A creative and talented gal with such an eye for design of her own. She knew that she wanted her intimate wedding to have as many personalized and meaningful pieces for her day.

Perusing Pinterest, she came across many silk florals that you could DIY but she wanted real florals with a designer look. Andi was connected with Prose Florals and that is where it all began. Her fiance (now hubby), Kevin, is originally from the East Coast so having a Boston Florist design their florals brought a piece of Kevin’s home to Chicago. It was truly a perfect match!

The happy couple met with Sierra for their consultation and gave Sierra an insight on what they wanted for their scenic forest wedding. They wanted to blend their florals to the beautiful nature surrounding them with muted fall natural tones. Andi wanted a very textured look and even asked to have cotton tails in the mix. After, the consultation Sierra worked on the perfect design and recipe for them. Once Sierra completed their proposal it was sent for them to review and approve.

Wedding Week

Fast forward to days before her wedding, Andi had a kitchen full of the most beautiful flowers! Her wedding was on a Saturday so they made the florals Thursday. She received the florals in the morning and followed Prose Florals workbook of the floral care. Andi used coolers and big storage containers to keep the flowers hydrated till she would start arranging that night. She was ready to start her DIY Wedding Florals.

A true homebody at heart, Andi couldn’t have been more happier spending an evening with her cousin/bridesmaid and cats (Sully pictured below) making beautiful florals for her day. For her wedding she had her bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 6 boutonnieres, and 10 tables of loose Italian rustic garland. This was all able to be completed in one night! The instructional videos were key during the process.

Inside look from Andi’s

DIY Wedding Experience

A little background on you and Kevin?

We met 9 years ago while working at a Foreigner concert at our college. From that moment on, we were essentially inseparable! Fast forward to now – we have a home we share and adore with two cats who love to tell us what’s what. 

Why did you decide to DIY?

I have always been a DIY gal. When we first moved into our little house, I learned a whole lot about what you can (and definitely can’t) DIY. I love the personal touch DIY brings, but I also wanted something professional and beautiful. So, I thought splitting the difference would be my best option. I can add my own personal touches under the supervision and expertise of someone with all the knowledge I lack – insert Sierra! 

What other parts of your wedding did you DIY?

As many parts as humanly possible! Invitations, signs, table numbers, decor, and so on. We really wanted to keep the wedding simple and let the personal touches speak for us. We also worked with a lot of vintage family photos and collected frames from friends and family to create a cozy eclectic-at-home vibe. 

Any tips for a DIY bride?

Nice paper is your friend! You can print so much of what you need to include. If you have one, I found my Cricut machine to be invaluable beyond belief!  But the best tip is honestly to throw out the map and just start creating! Not everything may be a win, but you will learn so much about what you will be able to create once you get started. I felt like only when I threw caution to the wind and thought outside the “typical” wedding box did I come up with solutions that fit me, my budget, my husband, and the wedding overall. 

Favorite part of working with Sierra?

All of it, truly! Working with Sierra is an absolute pleasure. She is knowledgeable beyond belief with passion and vision to back it up. For me, especially as someone who was DIYing so much,  it can be hard to bring someone on board with your vision, but not the case with Sierra! She worked with me to create a collection I never could have put together on my own and she provided all the information to make the process go smoothly. And truly – we had a blast putting everything together. I couldn’t have been happier with Sierra and would highly recommend her to my closest of friends! 

Andi + Kevin- DIY Wedding Florals

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